Yesterday one of my Facebook fan asked me which profession is better as a freelancer? She asked whether she should start her freelancer career as a Data Entry Specialist or as a Content Writer?

Here I will guide you which one is better:

Data Entry Specialist

If you want to start your career as a data entry specialist than you must know the following things:

  • Skills Required: Not much skill are required. Most of the work is copy pasting from one file to another. Or you need to upload the files on the server. Microsoft Excel, Word and Power Point are mostly used in data entry jobs.
  • Number of Jobs: A lot of jobs are posted on daily basis on many freelancing sites, but most of the employers are fake even on authority sites so they delete many jobs daily.
  • Pay Rate: A very low pay rate for the data entry specialist. Most of the people are working as low as only $2 per hour. Even in Bangladesh freelancers available in just $1 per hour. So it is hard to make more money.
  • Future of Data Entry: Though on freelancing sites future is good a lot more jobs will come. But if you want to get a permanent job in a local software house or a company then there are not much jobs for data entry specialists.

Content Writer

If you want to start your freelancing career as a content writer then you must the following things:

  • Skills Required: You must be very good in English. This is the basic requirement. Because most of the work is for those who knows English language. You must be creative, you must have ideas in your mind. You must be a quick learner as you have to write on various topics.
  • Number of Jobs: Just like Data Entry, you can a lot of jobs on Freelancing sites for content writers. So no need to worry about the number of jobs for Content writer.
  • Pay Rate: Pay rate is higher than the Data Entry Specialists. If you are not good in English, even then you can get $2 for 500 words. It takes only 15 to 30 minutes to write an article. If you are good in English you can get $4 to $5 for 500 words. And if you are too good in English like a native speaker, than you can get even $10 to $15 for 500 words article.
  • Future of Data Entry: If you are a good writer, you will never try to find a local job, you will love the freelancing. But even in case, you want to get a permanent job then there are a lot of jobs available for content writers. You can find job in a News Magazine, in a TV channel, in a private company, in a software house or many other places as well.

So, if you are good in English, then you must start your career as a content writer as it is the best option. But if you are not able to write even the simplest articles then you can go for a Data Entry Specialist career.