Hello everyone! This is Nikita and today I am here with an amazing idea to make easy money. This post is specially for the Indian girls who feel it difficult to go outside and do a job.

Today I will tell these talented girls who they can earn easy money without going anywhere. Every girl in India has some talent insider and she can use that talent to make easy money.

You must heard about making money online? Many of you would say yes we have listened about it but there are so many scams associate with the online money making ideas. But guys, it is not true for everyone. This is a reality that a lot of Indian girls are making easy money with online money making ideas and there are no scams involved if you have some talent.

Bad boys are everywhere, so in online money making ideas, you might slip into the hands of such a bad boy who is a scammer, but if you use your mind and if you are intelligent, which I know you are, then no one can scam with you.

Here I will tell you what you can do to make easy money without the risk of any scam.

Become A Writer

Yes, if you are good in writing and your English is good, then you can become a writer and can earn good money. You can register on any freelancing site like Fiverr, UpWork or iWriter and start writing for different clients. Registration is totally free, no fee is associated to this to get work. So no chance of scam at all.

Start Your Cooking Blog

Are you good in making delicious India, Chinese or Italian food? If yes, then start your own blog. Record the creative videos with your Smartphone, make good pictures of the food, write a recipe on the blog, upload the video on Facebook or YouTube and then embed that video on your blog.

Upload a few pictures along with it and once you get a few recopies, monetize your blog with Google’s adsense program. You will make a good money with your talent.

Do Online Assignments

If you are a qualified person in any subject, you can find online assignments. Different students of the universities post their assignment online and they are looking for the experts who can solve their problems and do that assignment.

If you are good in that, you can do those assignment and can earn easy money without going out of your home. You can find various sites for this, where you can find assignments and guaranteed money.


There are a lot more things which you can do. I will keep writing to help Indian girls. So stay tuned and keep visiting my blog.