Well, when you read the title of this story, you might believe that this is not possible. But… this is the fact and there are many Indian freelancers who are making even more money on monthly basis just by working at home.

So, I will tell you my own story shortly. The purpose of posting my story here is not to make you jealous or to show how rich I am. The purpose is very simple. I want to motivate those people who have a lot of skills but they are still looking for jobs in some private companies. I don’t want them to get frustrate and just wanted to present my motivational story about how I am able to make $2700 per month.

computer-teacherWell, it was 2009 when I was just 16 years and graduated from my college when I meet my computer teacher Arjun. He offered me a part time job which was a data entry job. He pays me 5000 Indian Rupees monthly and I work from him just 4 to 5 hours a day.

Then one day he call me and said he is going abroad so he wanted to tell me something about freelancing so that in his absence I can keep making money from data entry jobs.

He told me everything about oDesk (which is now UpWork). He made my profile on oDesk and guide me how can I take data entry projects. It was 2011 and I turned 18 years.

After my computer teacher left for the Canada, I started my work on oDesk and with in a week I got my first job and completed that on time. I earned only $20 from that job. But I was happy as I got that job myself. Then after a gap of 2 weeks I got another job that was only $15 and I had done that job in just one day.

So during the first month, my actual work was only for 5 to 6 days, but I earned almost the same amount which my teacher was paying me for one complete month.

I keep working on oDesk for a long time and by the end of 2012, I was making about 500 to 600 US dollars monthly. It was almost  to 6 times higher than what my computer teacher paying me. I was doing this data entry job part time as I was taking my classes in the University as well.

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Then in 2013, I realized that Data Entry jobs are not good enough, I have to work for more hours but my pay rate was quite low. Then I started blogging learned SEO myself and I also learned the WordPress.

SEO is comparatively easy to understand as no coding is required for Search Engine Optimization. I made about 400$ to 500$ consistent money  through SEO for few months but then I focused completely on WordPress and Blogging.

Through blogging I was making $300 per month by the end of 2013. I used Google Adsense to monetize my blog. Along with that, I was also working on oDesk as a WordPress developer where my pay rate was $15 per hour. I was making about $1500 per month from UpWrok by the end of 2015 and my blog reached to $700 per month without any hard work.

The journey continues, I learned the coding in PHP as well and now I have my own small software house where I have hired 4 girls and 2 boys. These girls are boys are students who are studying in a local college but they need some money as well to pay their college fee.

nikita making 2700$ per month

Today I am working on Fiverr and UpWork and I am earning more than 3000$ from these two sites whereas my blog also makes consistent money. After paying the pays to the students I have hired for my work and other expenses like electricity bills, office rent, internet bill etc. I am easily making 2700$ per month.

The earning from the blog is no included in these 2700$.

So, guys, don’t waste your time. If you have skills and if you need some money, start working online today and after a few years you won’t be searching for the job.

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In fact, you will hire some people and help them as well so that they can also have a secure job.